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Are you looking for an improved quality of your life or in your relationship?

Is your marriage or committed relationship experiencing tension, a lack of intimacy, money problems, parenting differences, pornography issues, or constant fights, I can help! Has trust been violated and you find it difficult to move forward, let me help! Know that SUCCESSFUL marriage requires CONSTANT work! 

As a couples counselor, I have worked with couples to better express emotions, develop effective listening and communication skills, and work through painful infidelity issues. Together, let's explore the challenges that have impacted your relationship and seek ways to strengthen it and bring the love back. My belief is that "Marriages Don't Fail People Give Up."
I am Level 2 trained in Gottman's Couples Therapy and an Educator of Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work. I offer a 6 session Pre-Marital Workshop that focuses
on lifestyle, sexuality, commitment, readiness, finances, and MORE! I also offer a 6 session Marital Workshop that focuses on Compatibility, Empty Nesters, Intimacy, and MORE!

I WELCOME all clients! Clients suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, disturbing memories, emotional distress, or traumatic experiences that has impacted your life, I can help! Using CBT or EMDR I want to help you heal in a confidential and safe environment. I desire to Heal Hearts, Heal Homes, Change Futures, Change Lives. Call me TODAY!

Couples therapy will consist of:
  • History taking
  • Assessments
  • Collaborative treatment goal setting
  • Work in and outside of Therapy
  • Feedback and Termination

“We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love.” 
Tom Robbins