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Are you looking to Better your Life and/or your Relationship?

Today's Culture is a disposable culture, if it's broken, too complicated, not the latest on the market, or boring, just toss it out and get something new or more exciting...Commitment says "Until death do us part."

Did you commit to a lifelong marriage? Do you have a Healty Marriage? Healthy marriages have roots and wings. Roots are the firm promises, the foundations of love and respect; wings are the ability to adapt, change and grow togehter. Let's talk if change has not been embraced in your relationship, or if you're experiencing tension, a lack of intimacy, money problems, parenting differences, pornography issues, or constant fights, Let MeHelp!  If trust has been violated and you find it difficult to move forward, let me help!  Know that SUCCESSFUL marriage requires CONSTANT work! 

As a couple's counselor, I have worked with couples to better express emotions, regain that attachment to one another, to listen beyond the words, to understand their partner's perspectives, and work through painful infidelity issues. Together, let's conquer the challenges that have impacted your relationship and seek ways to strengthen it and bring the love back. My belief is that "Marriages Don't Fail People Give Up."

I am Level 2 trained in Gottman's Couple Therapy and I am an Educator of Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work.

​I am interested in helping you Better Your Life!!
If you're not married yet...I offer Pre-Marital Counseling that focuses ​​on Lifestyle, Sexuality, Commitment, Readiness, Finances, and  MUCH MORE! 

I WELCOME all clients! Individual therapy and teens ; Clients suffering from depression, emotional distress,  or traumatic experiences that has impacted your life, I can help!  I desire to Heal Hearts, Heal Homes, Change Futures, Change Lives. Call me TODAY!!!

“We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love.” 
Tom Robbins